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BASIC Computer Games, Microcomputer Edition D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing Book
More Basic Computer Games D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing Book
Learning TI 99/4A Home Computer Assembly LanguageP ... Ira McComic Wordware Publishing ... Book
TURBO-PASC'99 Einführung in TURBO-PASC'99 WipoSoft WipoSoft Book
Introduction to Graphics for the TI-99/4A John Grillo, John Ro ... William. C. Brown Pu ... Book
TI-99/4(A) Editor Assembler Handbuch Wickert & Anders/Wic ... Wickert & Anders/Wic ...  
TI-99/4A Intern Heiner Martin Verlag für Technik u ... Book
Interface Standard & Design Guide for TI-99/4A Per ... Tony Lewis Tony Lewis Book
The Texas Instruments User's Encyclopedia
(TI-99 ...
Gary Phillips, David ... The Book Company Book
99 Special I No Author Credited Texas Instruments Le ... Book
99 Special II No Author Credited Texas Instruments Le ... Book
TI BASIC/Extended BASIC f Texas Instruments Le ... Texas Instruments Le ...  
Graphics Programming Language - Programmer´s Guide Texas Instruments In ... Texas Instruments In ... Book
Programming BASIC with the TI Home Computer Herbert D. Peckham Texas Instruments & ... Book
User's Reference Guide - TI-99/4A Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Manual
User's Reference Guide - TI-99/4 Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Manual
Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40 User Guide Nancy Bain Barnett, ... Texas Instruments Manual
Fundamentals of TI-99/4A Assembly Language M. S. Morley TAB Books Book
The Last Word on the TI-99/4A Linda Schreiber & Al ... TAB Books Book
TI-99/4A Graphics and Sounds T. O. Knight/Howard ... T. O. Knight/Howard ...  
TI-99/4A BASIC Programs T. O. Knight & D. La ... T. O. Knight & D. La ...  
The Texas Instruments BASIC Manual T. M. Kemnitz & L. M ... T. M. Kemnitz & L. M ...  
Diskinfo Christopher Winter & ... System 99 User-Group Book
The Best of TI-99/4A Cartridges Thomas Blackadar Sybex Books Book
Introduction to Assembly Language for the TI Home ... R. Molesworth Steve Davis Publishi ... Book
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