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TI-99/4A Games, Includes 13 Fun and Educational Pr ... A. L. Wyatt/Howard W ... A. L. Wyatt/Howard W ...  
TI-99/4A praktische tips * programma's BASIC A. Sickler/Kluwer Te ... A. Sickler/Kluwer Te ...  
Textverarbeitung mit Programmen fur TI-99/4A and V ... A. T A. T  
BASIC Tricks for the TI-99/4A Allen Wyatt Howard W. Sams Inc. Book
Pratique de l'ordinateur familial Texas Instrument ... B. Bonnell & C. Sape ... B. Bonnell & C. Sape ...  
33 Programs for the TI-99/4A B. Flynn Compute! Books Book
The Hidden Powers of Disk Fixer B. Gronos/Navarone I ... B. Gronos/Navarone I ...  
The TI-99/4A User's Guide C. A. Casciato & D. ... C. A. Casciato & D. ...  
Programmer's Reference Guide to the TI-99/4A C. Regina COMPUTE! Publication ... Book
Compute!'s First Book of TI Games C. Regina, Ed. Compute! Books Book
Stimulating Simulations for the TI-99/4A C. William Engel Hayden Book Company Book
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Programme CHIP Publikationen CHIP Publikationen  
Compute!'s Guide to Extended BASIC Home Applicatio ... Christopher Flynn Compute! Books Book
Diskinfo Christopher Winter & ... System 99 User-Group Book
Compute!'s TI Collection ,Volume Two Compute! Books Compute! Books Book
COMPUTE!'s TI Collection Volume One COMPUTE! Books COMPUTE! Books Book
Night Mission Craig C. Miller Millers Graphics Book
Smart Programming Guide for Sprites Craig G. Miller Millers Graphics Book
The Tool Kit Series TI-99/4A Edition D. Dustheimer & T. B ... D. Dustheimer & T. B ...  
BASIC Computer Games, Microcomputer Edition D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing Book
More Basic Computer Games D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing Book
Free Software for your TI-99/4A D. Heller & D. Helle ... D. Heller & D. Helle ...  
Guide To Programming The Texas Instruments Compact ... David Thomas McGraw-Hill Book
Computer Art & Animation, A User's Guide to TI-99/ ... David Thornburg Addison Wesley Micro ... Book
Introduction to TI BASIC Don Inman, Ramon Zam ... Hayden Book Company, ... Book
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