Name Manufacturer Co-Manufacturer Model Category Released Images Image2 Video Manual
Super Sketch Personal Peripherals   G2400 Input Device   Super_Sketch_manual.pdf
OSCAR Databar Corporation   100320 Input Device   Oscar-Manual.pdf
MBX Unit Milton Bradley   MB8310 Computer/Console   MBX-Manual.pdf
Peripheral Expansion Box Texas Instruments   PHB-1200 Misc. Peripheral    
Speech Synthesizer Texas Instruments   PHP1500 Output Device   TI-PHP1500-Speech-Manual-Clear.pdf
ParallAx TI Printer Interface Axiom   Parallax TI 2120 Output Device   Axiom-Parallax-Manual.pdf
TI-99/4A Texas Instruments   PHC004A Computer/Console   TI-99-4A-User-Reference-Guide-Clear.pdf
TI-99/4A Texas Instruments   PHC004A Computer/Console   TI-99-4A-Read-this-first-Clear.pdf
Command Control Joystick Adaptor Wico   72-4530 Misc. Peripheral    
32K PEB Memory Expansion Card Texas Instruments   PHP1260 Misc. Peripheral   TI-PHP1260-32K-Memory.pdf
Unknown PEB Card unknown   128K Misc. Peripheral    
9900 Micro-Expansion System CorComp     Misc. Peripheral   CorComp9900MXP-Manual.pdf
Gram Kracker Millers Graphics   80K Misc. Peripheral   GramKracker-Manual.pdf
PEB Proto Boards Fetzner, Jim     Misc. Peripheral    
PEB Disk Controller Card Texas Instruments   PHP1240 Misc. Peripheral   TI-PHP1240-Manual-Clear.pdf
Geneve 9640 Myarc   Standard Computer/Console   GMANUAL.pdf
Mini Peripheral Expansion System Myarc   MPES/50-1 Misc. Peripheral   MPES50_manual.pdf
Peripheral Expansion Box Texas Instruments   PHP1200 Misc. Peripheral   TI-PHP1200-Manual-Clear.pdf
CC40 Texas Instruments   18K Computer/Console   cc40-manual.pdf
DDCC-1 - Disk Memory System Myarc   DDCC-1 (Floppydisk-Controller) Computer/Console   MyArc-DDCC-1-Manual-short-mydmdoc.pdf
Horizon 3000 RAM-Disk
Horizon (WHT)   HRD-3000 Storage Device   Horizon-HRD3000-construction.pdf
Color Monitor Texas Instruments   PHA4100 Output Device   TI-PHA4100A-Monitor.pdf
Program Recorder Texas Instruments   PHP2700 Storage Device   TI-PHP2700-ProgramRecorder-Clear.pdf
Geneve 9640 Myarc   GEN-Mod Computer/Console    
Geneve 9640 Myarc Cecure Electronics Inc. with PFM-Mod:
- 384K 0-wait state memory
- 192K video memory
- 128K Flash Disk
- PFM Flash
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